Setlist Helloween Reunion Latinomerica 2017

Setlist con el que Helloween Reunion inicia su gira por Latinoamerica 2017!

  • Halloween (Michael Kiske + Andi Deris)
  • Dr. Stein (Michael Kiske + Andi Deris)
  • I’m Alive / March of Time (Michael Kiske)
  • Kids of the Century (Michael Kiske)
  • If I Could Fly (Andi Deris)
  • Are You Metal? ( Andi Deris)
  • Rise and Fall (Michael Kiske)
  • Where the Sinners Go / Waiting for the Thunder (Andi Deris)
  • Perfect Gentleman (Andi Deris)
  • Starlight / Ride the Sky / Heavy Metal (is the Law) (Kai Hansen)
  • Forever and One (Neverland) (Andi Deris)
  • A Tale That Wasn’t Right (Michael Kiske)
  • I Can (Andi Deris)
  • Solo de batería
  • Livin’ Ain’t No Crime / A Little Time (Michael Kiske)
  • Why? (Andi Deris)
  • Sole Survivor (Andi Deris)
  • Power (Andi Deris)
  • How Many Tears (Michael Kiske and Andi Deris)


1er Bis:
  • Invitacion (sintonía grabada)
  • Eagle Fly Free (Michael Kiske and Andi Deris)
  • Keeper of the Seven Keys (Michael Kiske + Andi Deris)
2º Bis:
  • Future World (Michael Kiske + Andi Deris)
  • I Want Out (Michael Kiske + Andi Deris)
  • Ingo Tribute (sintonía de cierre grabada)


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